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Mr. Review

Complications Of Life Lyrics Mr. Review


Mr. Review - Complications Of Life Songtext

I Know A Girl Called Mary
She 's The Kind Of Girl I Like
I Know A Man Named Harry
Mary Is His Wife
Don't Want To Mess Up Their Relation
A Complicated Situation

I Don't Know What I'm Doing
And I Don't Know Why
Is It Wrong What I Do
Or Do I Do It Right
I Don't Know What Decission I Should Take
Doubts Always End Up In A Headache

It's Killing Me Those Complications
It's Loading Me With Frustrations
Its Killing Me Those Complications
Its Loading Me, Those Complications Of Life

I Don't Like Discussions
They Ask Your Point Of View
You Give Them Your Opinion
Then They're Getting Mad At You
You Decide, Silence Is Your Truth
Unspoken Words Can't Be Used Against You

My Diary Tells Me
I Aint Got Time To Waste
Watch My Watch Every Minute
It's Telling Me I'm Too Late
Can't Find The Time For All The Things I Would
Can't Find The Time For All The Things I Should
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