Mr. Review - CHESS Songtext

The So Called Dignity The Honour Of Our Civilisation
The System We Created Looks So Solid And Sophisticated

Just Like A Game We Play The Chessboard Of The Human Race
Obey The Law They Say, But Who Justifies The Laws We Made

With Fear In My Heart I Wait For Tomorrow
When People Have Power They Only Make Trouble
Still Nothing Has Changed The Terror And Slaughter
They Don't Seem To Learn They Don't Seem To Bother

Just Read One Page In The Book Of History
It's Such A Dreadful Waste The Blood Has Flown Continually

We Didn't Learn The Lesson We Looked The Other Side
Pretending Nothing Happened, Pretending It's Alright

But One Day The Chessboard Will Be Swepted From The Table
And The Pieces Mixed Up All Over The Floor Has To Struggle Up Again
No More Privileges Or Save Positions
It Won't Make Any Difference
If You're King Or Pawn If You're Black Or White
When You're Off The Board It's An Equal Fight
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