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Mr. Review - Chasing Songtext

That Whise-guy Spoke To Me
What Funny Clothes You're Wearing
I Said "buster That Is Your Opinion"
And I Don't Give A Damn
His Eyes Got Red Of Anger
And It Got Really Time To Leave
Now His Whole Gang Is Out On The Streets
Chasing Me

Somewhere It Went Wrong
It's Gettin' Out Of Hand

Well I Roared Down Mainstreet
It Just Gives Me A Thrill
Speeding Far Over The Limit
Jumping Every Hill
Than In My Rear-view Mirror
Flashing Lights All Could See
The Whole Downtown Police Was
Chasing Me

I Had A Wife Named Julie
She Looked So Nice And Neat
I Thought She Loved Me Truly
But She Was Cheating Me
She Wanted A Divorce
The Bloody Fool I Was Agreed
Now Her Whole Bunch Of Lawyers Are
Chasing Me
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