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No Nuts No Glory Album

Addictive Lyrics Die Happy


Die Happy - Addictive Songtext

Home alone, you don't know what to do
turning on the television seems to be the answer
step inside and be a part, you fool
following the sugar beans they feed ya
cause they want ya
to believe what you see

home alone, you solitary guy
watch the superstars show their lives
and you're right in the middle
the tv screen stuck needles in your arms
you're hypnotized
the reflection in your eyes is your religion
you believe, you receive
what you see, what you need

so addictive
so familiar
so amazing
so predictable
don't you cross the line
you lose yourself in lies

home alone, you know what's good to do
the channel No.7 never leaves you
it's true and faithful
step by step you're getting digital
you hate the hated, love the loved
the addiction's getting painful
don't believe you receive
what you see, what you need

they've got a recipe for life
they've got a recipe for love
they've got a recite for life
and for you
and it's so addictive
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