Die Happy Album

The End Lyrics Die Happy

Album VI

Die Happy - The End Songtext

you never know
where people go
you never know
there is just hope

what a day
what a life
what a man
what a wife
what a smile
what a perfect vision

what a lie
what a cramp
what a try
what a feint
what a friend
what a indecision

i guess you knew
i guess you know
that you two
were alone
sinner who
throw a stone
that's easy

now you know
it's for sure
it's a fact

stupid day
you reach the end
finally you understand

who dries your tears
when nobody knows
that you're sad

you reach the end
and I hope for you
i really do
i really do

get well soon

now you're down
and the rain
makes a sound
as the drops
fly around your sorrow

fill your mind
no more place
to be found
little hope
for a better tomorrow

who is who
who are you
counting tears
happy you
maybe soon you'll
know better

it's what you do
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