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No Nuts No Glory Album

None of Your Business Lyrics Die Happy


Die Happy - None of Your Business Songtext

Don't tell me what you want from me
this is my turn now I'm talking
I'd like to stuff your mouth and ears
turn off the lights so you don't see

I can't buy nothing with apologies
the true lies are rolling faster
avalanche emergency
your greed is my disaster

but you can't bring me down

it's none of your business
what I do
you should not even care
about my daily mood

it's not your problem
when I'm sad
I would be really pleased
If you'd handle me like I was dead

what's so precious on this shit you praise
making up those boring stories
you don't care if it's true anyway
tomorrow someone else is haunted

now you got me, you shot me
your money is drained in my wounds
you got me, you shot me for money
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