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No Nuts No Glory Album

San Francisco Lyrics Die Happy


Die Happy - San Francisco Songtext

Tomorrow I will go to San Francisco
I bought the flight by accident last night
Later I'll be dancing down in Rio
And Australia is on the other side

I'm sick of this security I have with every step I ever make
It's like hell
Even if your words would fly like butterflies
I would not be afraid
'cause there's nothing left to say

Your commentary is not necessary
I made up my mind today
And noone can say
That it's too far away
Coz I made up my mind today
and I'm sure

Many years have passed, they stole my longing
A trip around the world has been my dream
Behind the wall of silent hope, still waiting
That a princess in a golden cage is freed

[Bridge, Chorus]

I will taste the air on every continent
and maybe find a place to stay
I'll think about your words when I see butterflies
and drink the best champagne
to your health

[1.strophe, Chorus(2x)]
Tomorrow I will go to San Francisco...
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