Über Frozen Heart

Album: Demon kiss (2004)

Vocals: Constance Rudert

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Frozen Heart Lyrics Blutengel


Blutengel - Frozen Heart Songtext

Stand alone in the world
Spread her arms against the night
Lose her faith in her heart
And in her mind
Cried out loud against the storm
Her eyes look like she was still born
Flashes divide her heaven
Like her frozen heart

Where she comes from years ago
With all these caresses in her mind?
What the hell
Makes her lovely eyes so blind?
Cried out loud against the time
On her journey through this world
She's so fragile
Like a flower in the wind

At the end of the world
I wish she could find her love
And with him she should go back
To paradise
Thousand years and thousand nights
She couldn't believe in the light
But her frozen heart starts beating again
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