Über Wonderland

Album: Angel dust (2002)

Vocals: Eva Poelzing

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Lara Lianore
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Angel Dust Album

Wonderland Lyrics Blutengel


Blutengel - Wonderland Songtext

You wake up crying in the night
And you feel this pain inside

You feel so lonely feel so weak
And you have no words to speak

There's no one to hold you tide
Another nightmare in this night

You just want someone beside you
But there's nothing you can do

I will take you by the hand and I show you wonderland
This is the place where you can hide from the world that makes you cry
There's no darkness there's no light you can see without your eyes
You only feel a warm embrace that will last forever?

You open the window and cry in the night
To the stars so far away

And you hope and pray tonight
For a wonder

You listen to your broken heart
And you understand the words

This is the night of changes
So you spread your wings to fly

[2x Refrain]
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