Über Our Time

Album: Angel dust (2002)

Vocals: Constance Rudert

Chris Pohl

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Angel Dust Album

Our Time Lyrics Blutengel


Blutengel - Our Time Songtext

There was a time I thought
all my dreams come true
But you found a way to hurt me

your love is gone?

Sometimes you want me when I hate your touch
Sometimes you kissed me ? I didn't feel so much
You cannot hold me when I run away
You cannot help me! My heart is forever lost

Bring back the innocence to my dreams
to my hopes bring me light?
I don't want to realise it's to cold for us in this life?
Bring back the innocence to my dreams this night?
Don't break my heart like glass
Wish to see you in an outstanding light?

There was a day I believed
you lead me through this shadowland
But you found a away to revive my fears again and again
This was the time when no one, really no one cares for me
And in this dark time
my heart was made of glass?
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