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Smile Electric Lyrics 40 Below Summer


40 Below Summer - Smile Electric Songtext

One time in my life......
It won't be such a pain
Just a couple of guys with the vibe in every way
We'll put it together - shuttin it down
And you'll watch me pull the lever
We're all bout to break - get a 9 to 5
And it's time to get your head straight
So get your call - you wore me into it all

Smile, don't you give up your smile - don't you give up your...
Smile Electric [3x]

Believe this is the truth - pick up your boots
Cuz it's time to put your fist through
And we come to shin - I'm bringin it back to the front up in your mind's eye
I'm bout to stretch when I'm comin alive with the up in your headset
It's movin too fast's about to crash


Get back - get it off - get it straight - you're gettin tossed
Drive into this - you're gonna miss - you're gonna burn
up in flames - you're gonna smile - you're gonna change
in the shower - this time is ours.......

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