40 Below Summer - Rain Songtext

It's cold
it's hard
and I'm locked inside this
I've gone too far
I can't rectify this
I walk away falling into
It's such a shame
how I'll miss you
I feel shot can you reach me
You cannot bring me back

And I'll always sink into nothing
And I'm on my knees again
And I can't believe that it's always
Under my skin

Don't leave me out,
leave me hanging
Don't keep me down,
down and dragging
You're so sure that I won't splinter
You're so good, you're so good [Refrain]

Shift time to come back in line
Cause when I tried to embrace my life
Gonna dry up
was it something you're fed
Got you sickened
was it something I said [Refrain]

All it did was / rain (18x/9x)
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