40 Below Summer - Wither Away Songtext

Is it all just a shape,
a twist of fate that leaves me open
Will it all fade away,
from my life and leave me broken
It's all just a game
as you left me here to wallow
It's all been a fake
and it's hard to swallow

And I wither away and die
Tomorrow's just another day to cry
I wither away and die
Clip my wings... without you (I can't fly)

(can't fly) 3x

What if life were a dream
would you be there waiting for me
Suicide in a sleep
I'd rather die and have you miss me
And it all went away
the pain of watching you deny me
I've fallen again... inside


And I wither away and die
And I wither away
(I can't get away from myself... (so far)
I can't get enough of your love... (I can't escape)) 4x


Fly, fly, fly...
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