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Rejection Lyrics 40 Below Summer


40 Below Summer - Rejection Songtext

Why'd you take that away from me -
Just one taste and I needed a little more of your sweet honey
I want you to feel my pain
I want you - don't walk away
I need you - the time is right
I need to hold you tight

Rejection - I can't believe you're gone
Rejection - why'd you have to walk away
Rejection - I can't believe you're gone
Rejection - now it's time to turn the page
Rejection - What the FUCK did I do
Rejection - why'd you have to walk away
Rejection - you broke me in two

What the FUCK did I do
What did I do to deserve the blame
Remember this, and don't forget my name
Handle this SHIT before I rope ya
I'm gonna slit your throat before I smoke ya
Bet it all - but you don't own me
You tried to punk me - but you don't know me
You tried to blow me off without no question
You better pray for divine intervention

(don't walk away) 2x

You really think I'd let you walk away so quick
Just one more time - I need to feel your lips on my stick
If you could come my way - what could I do to make you stay
Then you could penetrate my life - then you'd rip me up inside


Pushing and crushing me - down on my knees
Taking and breaking - and making me blind
I can't contain this - I'll make you all bleed
You've opened me up - now you'll feel my disease
In my suffering (SUFFERING)
Suffering (SUFFERING) [3x]

Even in my suffering - I'll make you believe
You can't believe I'll make you disappear
Occurred to me - and then it became clear
Rejected me - oh no, I don't think so
I'll take you out quick - don't even blink
You cut me up and hung me out to dry
Got your itch - like a BITCH - you made me cry...but
Retribution, confusion, illusion
hairline fracture, multiple contusion
.....don't walk away
.....just run away
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