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Laugher Lyrics The Watchmen


The Watchmen - Laugher Songtext

I'm feeling sort of playground now
My brush is cocked and colored
The sounds are running rampant
The love it can only be discovered in me

I wish they?d stop around sometime
The (?) are cheap enough
My mother died and (?)
From then and ever standing up
Take it from me

I'm not falling down, and I don't know why
You talk me down = chorus
?Cause I'm a good laugher

Good evening, boy, I'll be your fairy
You (may even try) me on again
So happy to be alive today
Tomorrow starts (to ride)
Take it from me


Long while ago while the hell was breaking
Stood a boy and girl quiet and wise
Stood amongst the city burning
A monster city turning
As if to say you're the cause of it all

?Cause I really matter

A bent and ugly travelling man
Who came (right and hit me)
To walk among (?)
Yeah maybe this summer there'll be a chance for me (to meet)

But I'm really flattered
I'm a good laugher
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