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In the Trees Album

Middle East Lyrics The Watchmen


The Watchmen - Middle East Songtext

In the Middle East one day, the Bruins swept away
In comes the sunshine, story turned to strange
In walking comes a smile, I didn't know the day
She sits downside me, perfectly arranged

Laura's gone away, I don't know just how long she'll be there = chorus
Sadly eyes of pain are bouncing in and out of nowhere

She wanders all around, will she make it on fries and coffee
There are bigger words than tears, yeah I'm afraid of what it might be

And she's bouncing in and out of nowhere

Ain't nobody help me on the outside,
Gotta make it through to the inside
And I'm talking strange


It's alright, she leaves it all behind
We all run to the Middle East sometimes
Little mind, yeah can take us anywhere,
Escape us anywhere, escape us anywhere
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