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The Watchmen - Shut up Songtext

Her head sits in a state, it rings approximately true to one on mine
But more front and center

She's what becomes a legend most, with memories such as hers
Diarized inside the cage, there's no escape, only inches of clean air

She's breathing the best that she knows how to breathe

She's so in love with the great escape, it's all around her hopes and in her dreams
Of one day just transporting
Where would all the young girls go, would they wander around like me?
I wish I knew of a better place, a kinder place, a more gentler place to be

She's living the best that she knows how
Living the best that she knows how to live

Hear her sing, shut up
Hear her sing, shut up
Hear her sing, shut up
Though she can't even bother = chorus
Hear her sing, shut up
Hear her sing, shut up
Hear her sing, shut up
She don't have the strength to be fighting with you
One week, and two, and three, four, going insane

It's 19 in the 40's sometime, what be it of a girl who's in the way
Of all the race they're ruining
She can almost hear them now, she closes up her eyes but just the same
Hears their boots and knows that her days are short, and she'll die before she wakes

Will they walk by and grab me,
If I break for the outside?
Will I fall in love there,
Or will I crumble straight down here? = bridge
So I write and I fear it's real,
Return me to my maker

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