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Take That - Waitin' Around Songtext

Waitin' around ? Take That

Oh this day
I couldn't sleep at all tonight
Thinking what it would be like
Next day

I stood and watched, it's lathe (it's late)
Maybe it never was at all
She never even made a call
To say (to say)

But if she thinks that I'm taking her back
When she always let's me fall
She said she loved me tonight
She never loved me at all

You've got me waiting around too long
And now I must go
You've got me hooked on a string
So you can fold me
Every time you want me to be near

Now she says (she says)
She's gonna give me every thing
Making plans to take me in
Be brave (be brave)

So I'll wait ?round all day (all day)
It seems she's riding high again
Now she's found another friend
To date




Repeat till fade
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