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In Pieces

True and False Guilt Lyrics In Pieces


In Pieces - True and False Guilt Songtext

If I have to stay here by myself for one more day I'm going to throw myself off of the roof.
There was a way out in here but it's long gone.
You can count me out if this is what life is.
I’m gone.
Like I wasn't there at all.

You have intimacy issues.
I’m afloat on seas of infinite sadness.
Nobody's perfect.

Sometimes the world just rises up to fuck you over.
And by sometime, I mean always.

We haven't felt this way in years.
So thanks for bringing me back.
I owe you one.
Unwitting architect of your suicide.
Did you think that we would get there in time?

Oh serpent.
Oh, snake.

Making salt from the sea and a very long walk.
Well, that’s not long enough.
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