In Pieces

Night of Long Knives Lyrics In Pieces


In Pieces - Night of Long Knives Songtext

I still remember all the pews, all the books lined up.
You looked beautiful and pious, but of course, I’m biased.
But don't hate me for not raising my voice.
After all, you don't believe I had a choice.

We waited decades for god to sanctify his secular faith, but we waited in vain.

This was a cruel religion, a cruel god for a cruel world.
And don't pretend that you're upset; after all, you spared no expense.

The whole universe of love collapses.
And all my wishes for grace were just a waste of my time.
But I will keep waiting for love to find me.
And not give in to you earth-as-heaven...
As tempting as it is.
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