In Pieces

Completely Inevitable Lyrics In Pieces


In Pieces - Completely Inevitable Songtext

I saw you on the battle field, I saw you, I saw you.
Too many second chances, but we both know that.
So go ahead, smoke your cigarettes, I don't care.
I dare you.
From the way that you walked in the room we knew, and angel of death.
So, don't scream like that.
This is impassable terrain.
Shrug if off, move on.
Because if you're not dead now, you will be soon, like childhood friends and memories.
If everything is forgotten, nothing is redressed.
Everything is forgotten.
Nothing is redressed.
And you have more to do with all my insecurities than I like to admit.
Make it stop, it's too much.
I don't usually do this kind of thing.
That's why I hate myself.
I’m dead.
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