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Endangered Species Album

All the Worst Lyrics Flaw


Flaw - All the Worst Songtext

How do we deal with this?
How do we clean up all this mess?
Will there be a future for the latest generation?
Running around, believing the sound,
Is anything loud enough for us to decipher
Making a stand, extending our hand,
we must understand
It's the least we can offer
those less fortunate than us

[chorus x2]
There's something about this place
It brings out all the worst
Our history's been disgraced
Who will destroy who first?

I'm balling up my fists
Waiting here defenseless isn't pacifist
It's ignorant, and cannot be allowed
Mybe it's here or maybe it's there,
We're never aware of just how safe we are
Could it be them or could it be us,
unable to trust
The information that we need

[chorus x2]

This time, will we all, live on? [background]
If hurting still exists
Make it go away
The problems that are plaguing you and I the same

This time, will we all, live on? [background]
Causing it to stay
Counting down the days
It's eating at the very core of us

[chorus x2]

There's something wrong with this place
somthing wrong this place
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