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Wait for Me Lyrics Flaw


Flaw - Wait for Me Songtext

All these miles
Haunting questions linger in my mind
All the while making bad decisions out of line
Still I've tried,
to let go of the danger in my life
It's alright,
when that's the only thing I've left behind
And there's still time?.

Wait for me
There's so much more of life for us to see
You must believe
It's not because of you I had to leave
Wait for me
I only hope that you'll remember me

At this time
I'm counting all the reasons I should stay
The bottom line
I'm missing all the things I gave away
I remind
See your faces every single day
Still I'm blind
I wish that there was something
I could say
To make things right?


Just hold on a little bit longer
The thoughts and memories will be enough
My need for you is only growing stronger
I know you don't understand it much
But it doesn't mean
I have to care about you any less
It doesn't have a thing to do with that
There's still so many questions
that are going to be addressed
I'm sorry that it had to be like this?
But there's still time to make things right


Wait for me
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