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Crazy Water Lyrics Elton John


Elton John - Crazy Water Songtext

Crazy Water

music by Elton John . lyrics by Bernie Taupin
album Blue Moves 1976

on a bench
on the beach
just before the sun had gone
I tried to reach you
plain faced and falling fast
you looked so vacant
like an empty shell
whose life had passed away
upon the ocean

before light
shook the sky
down by the docks I saw
the masts unfolding
don't turn away, please understand
it's life and a living
and a way to keep the wolves away
from hungry hands
from hungry hands

crazy water
takes my fishing boat on Monday morning
dangerous dreaming
if we all believe in the things you believe you're seeing
oh we'd never drop our nets in the crazy water
crazy water

tangled lives
lonely wives
shoreline widows pray
for the souls of missing whalers
endless on an endless sea
where nothing lives between us
just the breakers on the ocean
separating you and me
separating you and me

and you can
cage the songbird
but you can't make her sing
and you can
trap the free bird
but you'll have to clip her wings
cos she'll soar like a hawk
when she flies
but she'll dive like an eagle
when she dies

crazy water ...
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