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Last Chance Lyrics Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams - Last Chance Songtext

Last Chance

Well you take it all for granted
So it should come as no surprise
That your big balloon is gonna busrt
Right before your eyes

Well you always call your mama
Just for sympathy
Well I tried to show you years ago
So don't come cryin' to me

And it's your last chance, the night is over
Last chance for love
Well you can blame it on the bossa nova
But can't blame me when I'm gone

Well you call me up for favours
You say that it's my turn
Well I think I'll stand on Mulholland Drive
And watch you bridges burn

Well I saw your guardian angel
He said I can't refuse
Well I'd take the chance
But it's hard to dance
In size 8 concrete shoes

Yeah Fuck You...
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