BoySetsFire - The Misery Index Songtext

My life
charred remains of a flame that's burned out
my lips move but they won't make a sound
I stand motionless, eyes to the ground
back for more
with reopenned scars I remain
battered savagely, knees start to shake
I just stand there, I take it, I wait
I'm just waiting for time to erase
and the world to change
until then I will strive for nothing more
I'll just wait for my heart to break
and arise from ash, reborn
look at me
cut my eye and allow me to see
what my life has become on my knees
I hear the screams, I watch myself bleed
but I can't feel a thing
what am I
But a victim unwilling to rise
Wretched shell of a man in his prime
I stopped living, I'm just waiting to die
My life its all familiar, why lie?
When everything's the same
But who am I?
And what am I waiting for, anyway?
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