BoySetsFire - Deja Coup Songtext

Relax, just sit back and absorb
make sure you've got all that you can't afford
listen for your cue, to help you deal with the shame
it makes you wonder who is holding on to the reigns
it's the way its always been and the way it will remain
it doesn't matter when you've got nothing to believe
and why be born again if it's so hard to get in
it doesn't matter when you've got nothing to believe
don't bother trying . . .
sit down! Shut up? just consume and be bored
you know your place and you'll find it's so easy to ignore
that everybody knew it wasn't gonna be tame
cause honey the kill is just part of the game
From the dawn of time, should come as no surprise
what we've set out to achieve
a little pressure there, a little money here
and they'll be begging us please
we'll make it squeaky clean ignore the blood for now
mundane and so pristine come on just dance to the sound!
think it over . . .
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