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I Live For her Lyrics Andrea Bocelli


Andrea Bocelli - I Live For her Songtext

I live for her, without knowing
if I found her or she found me.
I do not remember how,
but in the end she has conquered me.
I live for her who gives me
all of my true strength.
I live for her and whatever happens.

I live for her too,
don't be so jealous of me:
Among everyone she is
the sweetest and warm as a kiss.
She is always at my side
to extinguish my solitude
but that for me
I live for her, too.

She is a muse who invites
a smooth touch.
In my sometimes sad slow
death does not exist,
if she is here.

I live for her who gives me
all the affection that she has;
sometimes she beats you
but it is a fist that never hurts.

I live for her who gives me
strength, value and reality
in order to feel a little alive.

How it hurts when she leaves.
I live in hotels for her.
How it shines strong and high.
I live for her in my own skin.
If she sings through my voice
it expands and produces love.

I live for her, and nothing else,
can more live within me
she gives me the life, the life
yes, she is next to me.

Yes, she is next to me
from a theater box or against a wall
I live for her to the limit.
in the dark critical moment
I live for her to the very edge.
Every day a conquest;
the protagonist
is her also.

I live for her because she goes
always giving me a way out
because the music is
faithful and sincere for life.

I live for her who gives me
nights of love and freedom
Yes, there was another life, a life
I'd live for her also.

She is called music.
I live also.
I live for her, I create.
for her also.
I live for her.
I live for her.
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