The Towers of Avarice Album

The Subterranean Lyrics Zero Hour


Zero Hour - The Subterranean Songtext

Its Progress Has No Limits
And Neither Do The Eyes
Of The Subterranen Cynic
The One Who Must Hide
For All This Time
He Has Chosen A War Path
He Will End Its Greed
Feeling Beings Feeling
He Will Set Its Limits
His My Future Has No Home
The Snake Is In The Garden
He Goes On Alone
He's In Its Yesterdays He's Seen It Rise
Escaped By Thinking Twice He Lives So It Must Die
He's The Mystic He's The One
He's The Seasons It's The Sun
He's The Moon You're Its Need
He Will Make It Bleed
He's The Moon It Is The Sun
He'll Eclipse All That It's Done
He'll Bring Renewal Through Destruction
He Will Make It See
This Is A Warning Of No Compromise
The Arrogant Will Be Made Humble
The Ignorant Will Be Made Wise
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