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Little Long Time Lyrics Wonderwall


Wonderwall - Little Long Time Songtext

At breakfast tea some toast and eggs
The T.V.'s on
I'm lying in bed
My feet are cold and my cheeks are red
I pet my real fat cat

Nobody knows my secret dreams
Nobody knows why I can't sleep
But if you ever felt before
Like I feel now you'll know much more

A little long time I watched T.V.
A little long time I drank my tea
A little long time I tapped my feet
But all the while I thought of you

The spinach tastes like raspberry jelly
Your snore sounde like the buzz of bees
The rain is like the children's laughter
And every day is like a dream
Your eyes are like a silver river
Your hands are strong like a lion's paws
With your head in my lap I feel like a queen


Should a girl wait for better times
When the rain is tellin' tales
Should a girl search some
Other places when the sun shines in her heart


I discovered you like Columbus America
I sank my treasure in the sea
I feel like the highest leaf
Of the highest tree

I feel like
I feel like a rolling stone
That nobody can stop
But if you ever felt before
Like I feel now you know much more

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