Utah Saints

Hip Hop Metal Lyrics Utah Saints

Utah Saints - Hip Hop Metal Songtext

This is the form that comes through the door
That tells me that I'm dumb
This is the beer that comes through later
And tells me it's all gone wrong
These are my piers who come to my ears
And tell me that I'm strange
I never, never, never wanted any more
Something better change, something better change
Don't wanna feel like this
Don't wanna work like this
We're making life so leavers can't
I'm going to be free

I'm lying, I'm cheating
I'm lying, I'm cheating

Lords of the Flies got brown in his eyes
And brown upon his tongue
Man inside got a gun to his side
Got to tell me I'm number one
Show me the law, I've heard it all before
And the hippies got it wrong
Write me a letter when things get better
I've never been a fan of the 1.a.m. plan now
Man in the mirror got two faces
And one is on the screen
Hell and Earth, they change places
And I'm stuck inbetween
Man with a knife got something in his life
And a Walkman in the sky
Add up the past, strike the future,
I've got it now and I'm gonna use it
Chorus x2
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