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Tommy Reeve

Talk to me Lyrics Tommy Reeve


Tommy Reeve - Talk to me Songtext

No matter how I got it
and what I think about
I can not trust you anymore
You did it once again
and there's no excuses for
but I'm not longer insecure

And I'm sure my hearts now empty.
And there's nothing to regret.
I dont even want you back now.
But there's one thing I can't forget.

Talk to me baby
Talk to me now.
Dont try to blame me
I'm listening. I want to hear it right now.

Dont wanna talk that much
I only got a few seconds left
Then I can let you go away
Dont even think I'm still waiting
For you to come back to me
It's just for my confirmation
That you were not good enough for me.


Talk to me, Talk to me,...
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