The Starting Line

Classic Jazz Lyrics The Starting Line


The Starting Line - Classic Jazz Songtext

Lights come on from neighbors woken up
And the flash is our cue for the dash to the car to the back porch
Where we laugh and we pass to the left and reflect on expected repetitiveness.
The Dial didn't slip an inch from that station.

We were floating in your room to the songs of classic jazz flowing all night long.
As fast as we're leading our lives, it's music that still makes us come out at night for good times.

Lighten up cause it's summer and we're just having fun.
We're too young to be out-running and ducking the fuzz.
But your room was a safer than a spacious place with the clarinet filling the entire thing.
The dial didn't slip and inch from that station that would play the hits of our grandparents' time
While I flawlessly chime in at the hit of the ride and say....

I'm floating


Static..there's nothing but static programmed by popular demand....
And then a light appeared directly over my head
And it illuminated as great as the idea that came.
It was simple, we won't listen to commercials or the same ten songs over and over and over...


I'm flying from your room to the sun with classic jazz still spilling from my lungs
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