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Season of the Witch Album

The King of Terrors Lyrics Stormwitch


Stormwitch - The King of Terrors Songtext

Watch me rising, watch me rising
Brighter than ever before
See my shadow, see my shadow
Knocking on every door
All your angels, all your angels
Have left you and never come back
I will cure you, I will cure you
I'll stab you my knife in your back

It is rising from the ashes
It is rising from the ashes

You will know my name
You'll never be the same
The King of Terrors

There's no reason, there's no reason
I like to kill you for fun
I have no home, I have no home
I'd like to live behind the sun
I'll stretch my fingers, stretch my fingers
Till I can reach for your neck
I am laughing, I am laughing
I'm ready to pay for attack
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