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Diorama Album

Across the Night Lyrics Silverchair

Album Diorama

Silverchair - Across the Night Songtext

across the night
it was the moon that stole my slumber
across th night
I fell in love with people sleeping
and hugged a man's arthritic shoulder

Ifell tired, asleep in a golden ocean
your eyes perspired, a spike in my fascination

I don't mean to make you cry
but this feeling will run right through the night
and I'll only make you cry with this feelings

sleepless, untamed without a leash on the light around me

so let us be married and have another baby
coz I don't wanna be lonely I just wanna be alone
yeh let's just get marriedshouting baby, baby, babies
"you'll never sleep at all"
but I don't wanna be lonoely

never seen the sunshine
from higher points than sunrise
I don't wanna be so lonely
I just wanna be alone
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