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Rod Stewart - It's over Songtext

The congregation sang
We knelt and prayed
As we stood before God
On that beautiful day
The church bells rang
And the champagne flowed
As our friends gather 'round
For the wedding photo
But here we are barely five years on
An' our whole world's fallin' apart

All the plans we had together
Up in smoke and gone forever
Poisoned by a lawyer's letter
I don't want our kids to suffer
Can we talk to one another?
You were once my wife, my lover
Rumours and whispers tear me apart
But I know you better than that

Inseparable were we
With the breeze in our sails
Now I feel a chill wind
On the marriage that fell
And our friends are divided
They've taken their sides
Now they'll all sit back
And watch the circus unwind
I don't stand here tryin' to focus the blame
But I'm hurtin' deep down inside

All the pain an' all the grievin'
When did we stop believin'?
Too late now to stop the bleedin'
What's the sense in pointin' fingers?
Who's the saint an' who's the sinner?
There ain't gonna be a winner
Oh, my dear, what happened to us?
Tell me, where did it all go wrong?

What's the use in keep on fightin'?
All the tears, all the cryin'
Why do we keep denyin'?
In all the time I thought I knew ya
Don't forget our children's future
I would do whatever suits ya
Oh yeah!

Yeah, it's over.
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