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Scott's a Dork Lyrics Reel Big Fish


Reel Big Fish - Scott's a Dork Songtext

We like pizza but she doesn't eat the crust
i love her and she loves everyone
she said she likes my band but I don't even like my band
i love her and she love severyone
i saw her kiss him last night, i'm sick now
(but it's just a little cold)
scotts a dork
when I say "i give up" it just means
i am going to try again she loves me
and I love everyone
i was kissin' her but she was
wishin' it was him she loves me and I love everyone
they told her, about you and me
she's mad now (but she'll get over it)
scott's a dork
you'd think that after all this time she'd change
but, she didn't
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