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Reel Big Fish - Everything Sucks Songtext

There's a ska band, on my street
A little ska band, everybody thinks that they're so fuckin' neat
There was nothin' on the radio
Was gonna make my own band, play my own show
That don't work, so I'm givin' up again

She said she loved me 'cause I played guitar
That's ok, I didn't love her at all and I say
Givin' up because

[ Chorus ]
I know everything sucks, yeah
I know everything sucks, whohoho
I know everything sucks, yeah
This is gonna be the last time you hear me complain

Well I went down, to the show
Everybody was there, I didn't wanna go
Cause everything they do is so fuckin' cool
Every song is a hit and the girls like'em too
I can't do that, so I'm givin' up again

I don't know why I learned to play guitar,
Nobody's gonna know who we are and I say
Givin' up because

[ Chorus ]

And she said someday, we'll get back together maybe
And she said someday, things will be much better baby
But I don't believe her
And I don't think I need her anymore
Yeah yeah yeah (because)

[ Chorus ]
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