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Project Pitchfork

Vietnam Lyrics Project Pitchfork

Album K.N.K.A.

Project Pitchfork - Vietnam Songtext

I wanted to fight
so I went to war
I thought it was right
to fight for my country
But then I saw the torture
I saw the misery the pain and the death
and I was wounded now I'm paralyzed
All this has changedm y point of view
I shot enemys now I know they were humans
I shot civilists now I know I'm a murderer
I had time to think now I want to tell
those young men who want to be soldiers
who want to fight in a war for their country
That I've seen it that I'm a victim of war
and that I don't want them to do
the same mistake

Now I hate wars

Every time I close my eyes
I can hear the screams
I can see the dead and the fire
I don't want them to see the things I saw
I want to tell them
they needn't to be soldiers to be men
And I've learned that love and forgiveness
is better than hate and war

Now I hate wars

But now those people who sent me
to their war forbid me to speak
about the things I saw
About the love about the pleasure
About the youth I lost
In a war
And I don't want them to do the same mistake
Now I hate wars
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