P. Diddy

If You Want This Money Lyrics P. Diddy


P. Diddy - If You Want This Money Songtext

Another blow out night and I think I'm gonna hit the decks
I'm crashin? thru the streets now feelin? like rejected checks
I'm bailin? outta this one like a million times before
Just a preliminary move and I'm headin? for the nearest door

Eyes go starin but I'm feelin so goddamn blind
Gonna start a chain reaction gonna run it 'till I lose my mind
Firin? the gun but I'm never gonna leave the blocks
Gimme solid gold action gimme something that really rocks

Headin? for the door all alone in the morning
Ready for the floor and I'll crash right out
Headin? for the gore of a loner night so borin?
Now it's time to turn out the light

These streets are never changin? and I know?em too goddamn well
You got the boulevard of boredom and a main street right to hell
Stuck too many years in this forgotten maze
Gonna take it to the end I'm gonna take it to your sorry face
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