All New Lyrics Jeanette

Jeanette - All New Songtext

oh god it's such a good feeling I can hear my heart beating
it's a fight it's a step into another part of life
it's so exciting to get out and hear the future growing loud
everything's allowed
i'd like to tell the words now what it's all about

this is my own way to be
i feel the power in me
i look into my self and rhen I feel the good vibes
i really need you my friend
i hope your mind is for rent

now something's different in my life and in my soul
you could be changing my whole life around

all is new in my life and it starts from now
everything that I knew will be over somehow
but I know that I need you and my friends, too
this love-combination make's me feel good

i'm growing further day by day
and all my friends will lead the way
sure i'll remember what they did and what you
do to be with me
no one is gonna break my stride
and I will have to hold on tight
but i'm strong
and in my heart some peace of mind is hard to find
it sometimes can be strange for me and you
sometimes you need a place only for two
where we can reasure ourselves and be together
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