Too Late to Worry, Too Blue to Cry Album

Tomorrow Never Comes Lyrics Glen Campbell


Glen Campbell - Tomorrow Never Comes Songtext


Oh, you tell me that you love me
Yes you tell me that you care
That tomorrow we'll be married, oh
But tomorrow's never there

Oh, tomorrow never, never comes
Oh, tomorrow never comes
Now you tell me that you love me, oh
But tomorrow never comes

Many weeks now have I waited
Oh, many, many long nights have I cried
Oh, just to see that happy morning, happy morning
When I have you right by my side

But tomorrow will never, never come, no, no
Tomorrow never gonna come
Now you tell me that you love me
But tomorrow never, never comes

So tomorrow I? ll be leaving
Yes tomorrow I? ll be gone
But tomorrow you'll be weeping, oh
But tomorrow will never, never come

Oh, tomorrow will never, never come
No, no, tomorrow ain't never gonna come
Yeah, yeah, you tell me, you tell me, you love me
That you love me, but tomorrow never comes
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