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Laugh or Cry Lyrics Firefall

Album Undertow

Firefall - Laugh or Cry Songtext

Baby tell me what's wrong with you
What you trying to do (I don't get it)
One day you love me
The next day you say that we're through
Loving me, hating me, different all the time
You keep me waiting changing your mind

Laugh or cry
Everything we do is do or die
Day by day, you and I
Livin' in the shadows of goodbye
Cause it's always laugh or cry

You say someday my dreams will be reality
(but I wonder)
My dream was always the love
that you promised to me
One day you need me, one day you hurt me so
Why do you tease me, please me and let me go

Firefall "Undertow"
1980 Sounds Like Music
1980 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Company/
El Sueno Music
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