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Alien Spices Lyrics Drachenflug


Drachenflug - Alien Spices Songtext

Alien Spices
(Album: Drachenflug - What about a Steampunk World?)
T/M: Evie ExMachina

You are alien spices
I loose my youth
for a taste of you
You are all abandoned choices
I scorched the Earth
and I scarred you - too
You are a galaxy
no amnesty you're alone
in your room
Your future alchemy
I'm intoxicated
you trip out in notion
trip out trip out

You're dreamweaving who you are
You're weaving the pattern
And I'm leaving you Belshazzar
Breathe in
Start dreaming Belshazzar

You are alien spices
I'm overdosed
I take you in
Leave you to your own devices
Your an orphanage
you're a legion of children
You are a miracle
illegible you're a silent angel
You are impossible
you're demanding and cruel

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