Supersonic Speed Album

Supersonic Speed Lyrics Die Happy


Die Happy - Supersonic Speed Songtext

can't deny it
we are flying
through the time so fast like noone ever did before
always faster
without breaking
with a supersonic speed to make us really strong

it's still not enough
there's no way to stop
we got so far again
without danger
in this age of multiple demand

Are you ready for a ride with me?
Do you want to feel insanity?
Come on and feel it like I do

supersonic speed
neverending beat
that's flying through my head
like a symphony
what I wanna hear
it's making me insane

eyes wide opened
looking forward
always searching for a challenge, for a new beginning
no old fashion
through the tons of air
that covers every piece of my skin

what is better
that's the question
noone's ever gonna ask
we feel freedom
we are moving
ahead and ahead so fast
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