David Rovics

Polyamory Song Lyrics David Rovics


David Rovics - Polyamory Song Songtext

I heard a woman talking
And to me what she said just made sense
She was lamenting the state of affairs
How some people can be so dense
She said she had three wonderful children
Two girls and their little brother
And nobody gave her problems for loving
Each child as much as the other

But they'll say you are bad
Or perhaps you are mad
Or at least you should stay undercover
Your mind must be bare
If you would dare
To think you can love more than one lover

I really dig the redwood forests
But the desert makes me want to sing
And those little Irish villages
When the church bells ring
I like to busk in Boston
And hang out in the cafés in Berlin
Yes, I like lots of different places
And nobody tells me it's a sin


I like Italian espresso
But I also like French wine
And now and then that BC bud
Leaves me feeling oh so fine
I like to get a buzz sometimes
I like sobriety
Most people understand this
They also like variety


Each one of the four seasons
Leaves me feeling good
Sitting in the shade in summer
In the winter chopping wood
Sometimes I love cloudy days
But I also dig the sun
But I don't think I'm crazy
For having so much fun

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