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What's Your Flava? Lyrics Craig David


Craig David - What's Your Flava? Songtext

[Submitted by Robbie Prince & Ele]

What's your flava
Tell me what's your flava (x4)

Verse 1:
I met this fly girl in the club
Went by the name of pecan deluxe
This ice cream was high maintenance
When I took her out,
Nearly cost me 20 bucks
Met this chick named walnut whip
Nearly made me sick to the point of throwing up
So I called chocolate chip (that's me!)
Wit the sweet toffe crisp
And I still can't get enough

You are what I want
Your what I need (come on)
I wanna taste ya (taste ya) take ya home with me (ahhh)
You look so good
Good enough to eat
I wonder if I can peel your wrapper
I can be your fantasy


Verse 2:
I take'em in the middle of July
With tha drop top down in the park
When it's summerin'
These ice creams lookin so fly
That I just cant lie
It all seems too bewildering
They got these grown men,
running round, screaming out, acting worse than children but...
flow better
know better
stack cheddar
get more tongue (Suga's gonna like this part... LOL)
better than this ice-cream veteran



*What's ya flava, Tell me what's ya flava...*

Verse 3:
I'm taking'em, apple and cinnamon
Girls, I'm feeling'em
Can't stop drippin'em
That's why they got me dribbling
Hot fudge sauce
And it's all on my Timberlands
I take them caramel
With a hint of vanilla
With a little chocolate sprinklings
They make me spend my dividends
These sweet things make me feel like a kid again



Tell me what's your flava
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