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When She Walks in the Room Lyrics Bryan Ferry


Bryan Ferry - When She Walks in the Room Songtext

When she walks in the room
Then you know
Why your date says it's late
Time to go
And you know you can't leave
You must stay
Til her laughter has drifted away
So you talk to the walls
Always know
'Cause they've seen it all
And heard it all before
And your fair weather friends
Fail to speak
They're so afraid still waters run deep
And they're don't understand
Or perceive
That you can't see the woods for the trees
Christmas trees you were sure
Weren't the sort
To build your hopes
Then sell you short
Yeah to build you up
And sell you short...
All your life you were taught to believe
Then a moment of truth - you're deceived
all the wine in your life's all dried up
- is now the time to give up?
Like the soft paper cup that you squeeze
So you take this and that and then
some more
And you make your way through the door
You make up your way through the door ....
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