40 Below Summer - Better Life Songtext

Take that weigt off your shoulders
It's kinda hard
when it keeps getting colder
There's no heart
just a place
where the souls been all torn apart
No chance for repentance
the world is a prison and life is a sentence
I can't redefine the surroundings
that hound me and keep me denied

This pain is just a part of me
and it's hard to breathe
I'm always here on the outside
It all seems so far away
there's gotta be a (better life (2x))

In this world made of plastic
I can bend and stretch like elastic
No sign of the sun
it's just a barrel a handle gun
Unwhole in this madness
no redemtion
I'm drowning in sadness
Alone crucified by the pain
and the sorrow that keeps me alive [Refrain]

I don't want to feel this
I can't hope to heal this,
I can't cope with everything inside (2x)
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