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3 Feet Smaller

Strike Back Lyrics 3 Feet Smaller


3 Feet Smaller - Strike Back Songtext

On a day like today I just don't wanna get up
the sky is grey, it rains and being a frontman just sucks
what a perfect day to commit suicide, what a perfect day to write the story of my life
goodbye Mom, bye bye Dad, I'm glad that I had parents like you but now it's too late, no that's not a good start for the last letter I'll write, maybe "Life wasn't good to me, I never got what I liked"

Is it worth that is that what I deserve
Feeling lost and rejected unnoticed and thrown back (2x)
I won't stand that I will strike back

What's the meaning of life? I don't another strife sometimes I could take a knife and slit your head off, Good Night
I hate to say, I hate the way How this Band works, it's not my fault OK. I've made a few mistakes, liked to say what I think but at least I started to think. You just wanna do, what's good for you. Fuck everyone else, and again I end up talking to myself.


Let's be honest it's true I wanted to quit this shit, cuz I don't wanna end up like you, ignorant. Fucked up shit like this brought me to this point isn't it possible to do something conjoint? If three are for it, and one is against than that one gets fucked right up the ass I don't get your point
As a matter of fact I'm always the only one who's against something and that's why I get fucked on and on.

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